26-10-2021 19:19:50

Welcome to Moran's Landing on Swamp Lake

On April 30th, 2021 we officially turned over the keys to Moran's Landing on Swamp Lake to the new owners. Everything went so fast we didn't have a chance to express our heartfelt THANKS to all our patrons and former employees over the past 31 years. Know that we are grateful for your support..thankful for all the memories and appreciate all the love that was shared with us. We will cherish all the memories and hope we we able to make your lives richer as well. You were all like family to Fuzzy and I. It is our hope that Fuzzy and I (Nancy aka Giggles) be sure all our Swamp Lake friends, relatives, and patrons can keep in contact with you all somehow. Please welcome Casey Karch and his family to the Swamp. They have renamed the resort Up Nort Resort.We wish them the best and hope they are as fortunate and blessed as we were with the best guests in the world.If you want our new address or phone number you can private message us. THANKS EVERYONE! HAPPY TRAILS, GO FISH! Love Fuzzy and Nancy Moran

Kids swimming - Beautifully Groomed
   Snowmobile Trails
- Canadian-Like Scenery
- Year 'Round Cabins
- Bar & Grill
- Excellent Fishing
- Boat & Motor Rental
- Gas Available
- Breathtaking Colorama
- Plentiful Game for Hunting
Buck at Lake - Hunting and Fishing Licenses Available
- ATM Available
- Fax Service

Located 12 Miles North of Tomahawk on Highway 51.
Turn Left at County Truck K onto
Swamp Lake Road - 4 Miles West
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