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on Swamp Lake
10689 Swamp Lake Road
Tomahawk, WI 54487
(715) 453-3324
Open Year 'Round

Our bar is a full service 20-stool horseshoe bar. We serve wine, liquor, beer, and soda. We proudly feature our signature drink, THE SWAMPWATER! (This also comes non-alcoholic) In the summer we have icy mugs of Root Beer on tap and root beer floats. We serve our delicious Swampburger and other hot sandwiches and pizza (see menu below).

There are games, including a pool table and video games for kids and adults alike. Nancy

A party is always happening at "The Swamp". Your gracious host and hostess are always happy to serve you. You'll never forget that "laugh" of Nancy's! OPEN AT 10 AM WEDNESDAY THRU MONDAY CLOSED TUESDAYS EXCEPT HOLIDAYS


- Steak Sandwich
- Hamburger
- Cheeseburger
- Swampburger (2/3 lbs ground chuck, lettuce, onion, tomato, and pepper cheese served on a bun with pickle and chips)
- Bacon Cheese Burger
- Mushroom Swiss Burger
- Nacho Cheese Burger
- BBQ Pork
- Chicken Breast Sandwich
- Hot Ham &Cheese on Bun
- Home made Hot Beef w/ peppercini's
- Stuffed Jalapenos
- Chicken Tenders
- Smoking Chicken Sandwich
- Chicken Parmesan
- Hot Soup & Chili (in season)
- Pep's & Drafthaus Pizzas
- Nachos --Nachos Supreme -- Hot Pretzels -- french Fries --Mozzarella Sticks -- Poppers
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