20-02-2017 21:01:21

Snow Conditions

2/14/17 Here is the skinny on todays ride. Left here about 10 AM. Groomer tried to groom last night, but was too warm. got groomed from here to Merc and up to 28 then quit. All was good with a few bare spots to Manhardt rd. Road from there were good to John squares, with a few bare spots. We bypassed Kobart and went thru black bear. All good. I forgot to mention that we met Ken and Martha at Manhardt. They came from Minoqua and said of the 11 miles, 8 were crap. We returned by mostly the same way, thru willow then here. Had valentine reservations at the Silver birch. that was a good choice for food and drinks as always. Unfortunately, what we had ridden on Sunday was mostly dirt on the grade. I thought we were in St. Germain. they do have the smoothest dirt around. Now NWP might compete for that. It is not their fault as the sun from yesterday must have destroyed the trail into town. Our groomer went out tonight and we rode from Nokomis to here and it was very good. Tonight! Tomorrow is supposed to be cold, so trail will be good where they are now. The weekend is calling for 40"s and that will destroy the Hiawatha and open areas that have brown spots now. The good trails are like always northwest. That was all in excellent shape TODAY. this projected weather will determine where we will ride. I wish I had better new for the upcoming holiday weekend. If nothing else, the beer will still be cold at all of the bars. Fuzzy
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