21-02-2018 18:25:11

Snow Conditions

2/21/18 Trail around here are fantastic. I am not sure if I have ever ridden right out of here and been so smooth. It is usually at least a little choppy thru here, but not now. After last weekends record setting traffic, it is amazing that trails are still good. Some of the clubs have not been out yet after the weekend and we rode some rougher trails yesterday. it was the usual suspects. Temps last night were down to single digits and it will remain that ways for most of the week. If you believe the weatherman and the weather channel, they are saying an inch tomorrow night and possibly 4-8 Friday to Sunday. But if you were here last weekend, you also heard similar forecast that never gave us more than an inch. Anyway, it looks great for the upcoming weekend. When we rode yesterday, traffic was light and we didn't see many at the stops either. Fuzzy
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