28-11-2014 00:36:46

Snow Conditions

4/1/14 5:15 PM Well it's official. Trails closed last night at midnight. I just got back from closing almost all gates. A couple of them will have to wait for some more melting. They are buried. I had to do a lot of shoveling just to get most of them closed. For the most part, trails still have very good base, with some bare spots. Of course, they are predicting a fairly big snow storm for Thurs/Fri. It always seems to do that. I want to thank all who came north and enjoyed the finest trails. we had 14 weeks of trails open and they were great from the get go. Finally, a year with no melt down during new years weekend. Thanks Phil. The businesses up hear depend on snow and the great customers that we have in all of you. Thank you again for a great season. I also want to thank the Northwoods Riders Snowmobile Club for the generous donation they made to our club for the cost of installing gates that kept a very valuable trail open. It is the great generosity of these people that help the local clubs survive. We would have a very tough time without them. Thanks again from all snowmobilers, not just me. Well this will be my last post until next fall. Have a great non snow season and we will all see you next year. Fuzzy
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