11-12-2016 05:45:18

Snow Conditions

3/9/16 11:35 PM The news has come and at 8 AM this morning the trails in Oneida county closed for the season. Unfortunately, with the warm weather (57 yesterday) swamps and wet areas are opening up and making conditions unsafe. It was looking bad for any snow, and if we did get any it probably would only last the day, as all of the base has melted in most areas and roads are all gone. It has been a sad and short season and I think we will all be happy to see el Niņo gone and never return again. As always, I want to thank those that did venture north and enjoyed the trails that we did have. There were some great riding opportunities if you knew where to ride and fun was had by most. The businesses up north depend on snow for our winter income and we really all appreciate your patronage. I want to thank all of our land owners for allowing us to use their land for our trails, as without them, we would have no trails. Also, a big shout goes out to the groomer operators who made trails so good for our enjoyment. I am glad that this was not our first year in business, but then our first year was very similar to this one. Next year will be better and then I can put those miles on that new sled of mine. Fuzzy Fuzzy
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