14-12-2017 16:25:53

Snow Conditions

3/6/17 The warm sunny weather on Saturday took its toll on trails and then last night more rain. Today the county calls and says that trails are going to close at 8 AM on Tuesday. He polled the 10 clubs and 7 want to close immediately. I personally believe that it is too early. I am betting that a snow blast is going to happen and trails will be closed. Tomorrow I'll be out closing gates and it will be over until next December. It started out so very good and we had some fantastic weeks. Mother nature or global warming did not help out this winter. I guess the farmers almanac is hiding somewhere as they were way wrong. As always, I want to thank all that came north and supported the businesses that depend on snow and snowmobilers. I hope all had good riding and some fine memories. Until next winter, enjoy the months of poor sledding. Fuzzy
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