05-03-2015 05:52:59

Snow Conditions

3/2/15 3:15 PM Trails are starting to show wear with the sunshine we have been having. Today is 24 and sunny. Roads that are blacktop are starting to deteriorate. And then we have the town of Little Rice who for no known reason, plowed the Kelly. But, now for the good news. Tonight, it is supposed to start snowing and give us 2-6" of snow. We are hoping for the high end. This storm started out at 6-10, then 4-6, now 2-5. Lets hope for the big end. Even with just 2 inches, trails should be very good this weekend because temps are to drop again. Highs in single digits on Wednesday, then warming for the weekend. They are saying near 30 for Saturday. See ya this weekend if not before. Fuzzy
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