03-12-2020 17:13:43

Snow Conditions

3/9/2020 The word has come down from the county and trails will officially close on Tuesday March 10, 2020 at noon. We have had 11 1/2 weeks of riding and it started out with great snow. The snow created many challenges for us and all clubs with poor ice and swamp conditions for much of the year. But we did deal with it. I want to thank the many volunteers that came out to help brush and clean up trails three times. We would not have been able to get trails open when we did without your help. I want to also thank all of the groomer operators who worked long and late hours to keep trails in such fantastic shape. But most importantly, I want to thank our land owners who graciously allow us to use their land for our enjoyment. THANK YOU! I also want to thank those who rode our trails and stayed on the marked trails. Those who chose to ride where they wish ruin it for us who have to contact and plead with landowners to keep trails open. WE REALLY MEAN IT WHEN YOU SEE SIGNS THAT SAY "STAY ON TRAILS OR STAY HOME" Lastly, I need to thank all of the riders who support the businesses up here. Our winters would be long and difficult without the snowmobile season. Thank you for your support. Have a safe and enjoyable non snow season and I will see you next year. Fuzzy PS, as I finish typing this, the weatherman says that we will probably get snow on Wednesday night. Go figure
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