08-02-2016 03:49:36

Snow Conditions

2/3/16 3 PM Well our mega storm fizzled out again... we only received about 3 inches but every little bit helps. Grooming tonight Temps should be around 0. Should help set up the trail with what we have to work with. Chances of snow tomorrow and Fri. and then Sunday maybe some decent white stuff on Sun. I guess you can blame this all on me because I went and bought a new sled yesterday and then when walking from the garage to the house fell in the driveway and broke my leg. My season is over and I hope this season turns out like the season I had my hip replacement and it just keeps snowing for the rest of you lucky folks! Pray for snow and a successful surgery (Thurs. afternoon) for Fuzzy. ( Nanc will have to do the snow dancing because I can't) Fuzzy
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